We provide our readers with important information to assist in SmallCap investment decisions. Anyone venturing into the SmallCap market needs to be armed with as much timely NEWS ALERTS as possible.

Small Cap News Alert


Timing is everything and we can help investors succeed, let the The Small Cap News Alert provide you with the latest news and information needed to make informative investment decisions.

Small Cap News Alert


Small Cap News Alert is a FREE, investment newsletter that gets delivered directly to your inbox. Discover the latest small cap investment news, ideas, views, and insights on what’s moving today’s market.

Investor relations for small cap companies is our specialty.

We understand what drives investor interest and what is required to get their attention. Distributing press releases over our national newslines gives you a broad reach across all types of media. Supplement those distributions with targeted delivery to journalists covering particular industries – and subsets within those industries.

Our approach to investor relations delivers action orientated results that target investors for our clients including new business contacts, ideas and exposure that can save time and money while delivering the right outcomes.

Properly executed investor relations can help companies develop and maintain market value. Working with our experienced team at OTC PR Group allows client companies to achieve solid and positive results from their IR initiatives. Additionally, we can help clients avoid the many challenges of developing and maximizing a strong investor base.

OTC PR Group is a investor relations firm, connecting undervalued emerging growth companies with retail brokerage firms and individual investors. We continuously strive to maximize the ongoing corporate visibility and market capitalization of clients though comprehensive, multi-tier proactive programs. 

We combine legacy knowledge of capital markets communications, and an unparalleled reputation for integrity and client service with evolving industry best practices to design and execute investor relations programs that help deliver long-term stakeholder value.

We measure our client relationships in years – not months – and view each engagement as a long-term partnership opportunity.

OTC PR Group provides clients with different levels of services ranging from micro packages to massive investor awareness campaigns. We strive to put our clients in front of investors who can take action immediately, not when the client is larger or further along the corporate lifecycle. Over time, we help our clients navigate up the Wall Street food chain, broadening their audience. Our clients simply choose the level of service they desire and leave the rest to us.

Small Cap News Alert


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