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ALTHA, Fla. , April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Neon Bloom, Inc. (OTC: NBCO) — Bazelet Oglesby, a global leader in the legal industrial hemp industry announced today that it has built, delivered, and planted its patented 0.00% THC Panakeia cannabis plants in South Georgia .

Following the company’s rural development initiatives, its first crop, located in Southwest Georgia , is the adaptive reuse of the former Green Valley Country Club. The site is one of several in Georgia that the Company will utilize to produce its 2021 Panakeia crop.

Panakeia is the first (USPTO) patented cannabis plant in the world. Panakeia plants contain 0.00% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) an illegal substance under federal law that is found in all marijuana and hemp plants. Panakeia plants have the most promising of all cannabinoids for broad use in food, drug and cosmetic applications. Bazelet is the licensed patent, trademark and manufacturer of Panakeia and first-to-market in the development and innovation of THC-Free cannabis ingredients.

Called by some, the Tesla of cannabis, Bazelet built Panakeia plants allow access to the diverse and therapeutic compounds found in cannabis but with zero risk of breaking federal law and zero risk of unwanted intoxication from THC.

“Bazelet Oglesby is one of only a few companies positioned to establish legal cannabis as a respected, sustainable industry. We are honored and accept with responsibility, that we are part of authoring its history and excited to serve the Georgia market.” Said Gary Hennen , Director with Bazelet Oglesby.

Bazelet Chief Medical Officer Dr. Francisco Ward commented that ” Georgia is expected to soon launch a new, low THC medical marijuana program. Bazelet is uniquely positioned to provide Georgia’s healthcare professionals exceptional cannabinoid derived products that are safe, effective and made from the world’s only 0.00% THC cannabis plant collection”.

Neon Bloom, Inc. (OTC: NBCO)

About Bazelet Oglesby:
An innovative plant science company establishing itself as a world leader in tissue culture propagation and the production of young plants for the global horticulture industry. The company is a subsidiary of Bazelet Health Systems and Oglesby Plants International. Bazelet Health Systems, Inc. is wholly owned by Neon Bloom, Inc.


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